Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Who wants a mid-life crisis anyway?

So I'm too late...  Just when I thought it was about time that the mandatory mid-life mayhem should be kicking in, I read in the press today that modern mid-life crises start in your mid-thirties and run till about your mid-forties.  Tarnation!  At the grand old age of 47, evidently I've missed my chance.  When I share this tragic news with HunterGatherer, he mutters something that sounds very like "You should be flippin' grateful - every day is a crisis in my world," and wanders off to his polytunnel in the garden, no doubt to commune with his dying courgette plants.  Hmm, so much for sympathy.

I half think of ringing Daughter No. 1 to proclaim my sadness at this lost phase of my life, but there would be little point. This evening - if I remember correctly -she is attending a champagne and chocolates reception with the Law Society.  Not that D.No.1 is actually studying law, of course - she just figured out pretty quickly where the main action (especially action involving expensive fizzy alcohol and copious quantities of cocoa bean derivatives) takes place at Oxford and made sure she signed on the dotted line fast. Ah, to be young again... (or even to be in my mid-thirties - with a good few years left for a crisis!).

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