Saturday, 16 October 2010

Music degree could finish on a sour note

Miracles can and do happen. At last Daughter No.2 managed to cram her credentials into the meager but mandatory 4000 characters stipulated by UCAS (and to squeeze them at the last minute into a maximum of 47 lines of text - a minor detail which she had previously overlooked!). Perhaps even more miraculous, her long-suffering school housemaster managed to find 4000 characters of relatively pleasant things to say in support of her application. So at 2100 hours last night (precisely three hours before the final deadline), her application form began winging its way through the virtual ether to determine where D.No.2 may end up tootling her flute for the next few years. And talking of music, with four of her uni choices being located south of the border, the current headlines about the imminent rise in English university fees are sweet music to our ears (NOT!). At this rate, if she doesn’t end up in Edinburgh (her only Scottish choice), she may well leave uni owing up to £20,000. Yours Truly can't help but wonder how many hours of busking on street corners it’ll take her to pay that back…

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