Friday, 30 January 2015

Mini-photomontage: The Tracks on our Track in Winter

A bird has scuttled across the track here - possibly a pheasant
Provided I am well wrapped up, I adore winter, and even though our part of Kinross-shire hasn't been troubled by too much snow (yet...), even the faintest skiff of the white stuff is sufficient to transform our lovely rural surroundings into a winter wonderland characterised by sparkling hills, alpine trees and the distant silver loch.

One aspect of there being snow on the ground that particularly appeals to Yours Truly (in addition to skiing, building igloos and other such pursuits!) is that it's suddenly possible to find out about a whole world of activity that normally goes on unnoticed, namely the movements of myriad animals. So this morning I was out and about (any excuse to avoid work!), photographing the evidence...

FatCat has evidently been on the prowl
Ever not known whether you were coming or going?!
One man and his dog appear to have been walking  here
Someone was too busy pawing the ground to let me
 photograph her hoof prints: "Where's my breakfast?!"
And, finally, I couldn't resist stomping on this mini-snowdrift!