Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Miniature Woolly Jumpers

On Good Friday, our first bouncing lamb of the season arrived: a ewe lamb, who was promptly christened Pipsqueak. Luckily for her, she was born into a gloriously sunny world. We've taken a photo each day to show her growing  in size and in confidence!

Day1: What is this strange place 
and how did I get here?
Five minutes later: Woah, steady she goes...
Day 2: The natives seem friendly enough
Day 3: Are my facial markings symmetrical, mum?
Day 4: Getting braver and bolder by the day...
 All went quiet on the western front for a few days, then last night the weather turned. Often mother animals prefer to give birth when it's damp, so we peered expectantly into the lambing paddock this morning to find...  not one, but two sets of twins! Our orange-faced ewed (we didn't paint her  that's the colour she is naturally) had twin boys (below) - both black.

It's raining lambs...
 Meanwhile, the tiger-faced ewe had a boy and a girl  both are a gorgeous merle grey colour. Shetland sheep come in over 30 different colourways and I'm determined that one day I will try to learn all the names on the "colour chart". For now, I'll just enjoy looking at the colours in real life :-)

Not quite sure how to describe the colour of these ones!