Monday, 4 October 2010

Room with a view

Breaking news in from Oxford - Daughter no. 1's room is reportedly on the first floor of St Something's and has an "awesome view over the gardens". She still sounds a very happy bunny, and day one is now well and truly under her belt. Apparently, she's been assured that the netball club is a dead cert for a great social life so is planning to go along to the trials, despite having never played before. Hmmm, not sure that netball's the best choice when you can look a Shetland pony in the eye (Daughter no. 1 is smaller even than her dear ol' mum), but maybe it is a better bet than hockey - especially as she's still bearing the scars of hockey-induced plastic surgery on her dainty little chin! In fact, come to think of it, I can understand why netball might have a distinct appeal...

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