Friday, 27 December 2013

Smoked Salmon Roulade - an easy-peasy starter

This simple starter would be ideal for New Year's day lunch with family and friends. DD1 made it for our starter on Christmas Day this year, and it went down a treat with all three generations present round the table.

All you need is: around 450g of smoked salmon slices; lemon juice (and lemon slices to garnish); a large pack of Philly cheese (the deep container); greaseproof paper and clingfilm.

Spread about three-quarters of a 300g pack of salmon
out flat over a sheet of greaseproof paper.

 In a food processor, blend a large pack of Philadelphia 
cheese (plain)with several teaspoons of lemon juice (to taste) 
and 150g smoked salmon. Place the mixture in a large 
oblong shape on the carpet of salmon (see above).

Carefully use the greaseproof paper to lift the salmon
carpet up and roll it over in the same way as you'd
assemble a Swiss roll, with the Philly in the middle.

Keep rolling until a long sausage shape is formed (see 
photos above and below).

Roll the completed salmon roulade up in the greaseproof
sheet and then wrap the resultant parcel in clingfilm. Place
in the fridge for an hour to allow to chill.
Remove the clingfilm and unwrap the salmon roulade from
 the greaseproof paper and slice as shown below. 
Slice the salmon roulade - Be very gentle, as
otherwise you'll end up flattening the roulade!
Serve two slices of roulade per person, with a half moon of
cucumber slices and a scattering of salad leaves. Garnish
with a small slice of lemon.


  1. Yum, bum. I've just made sourdough (showing off) and have a stash of smoked salmon in fridge..... off to get Philly...

    We are two peas in a pod y'know. I too have used the phrase Easy-Peasy in latest bloggy post.
    Love ya. xx

  2. Oooh, sourdough sounds delish. Hope the roulade went well :-) Shall have to zip over to read your latest post and see what you've been up to that's easy-peasy! Hope this finds you and yours all en bonne forme :-)